Welcome to the best sushi on the Danforth.

The sushi connoisseur has many sushi restaurant options to choose from along the Danforth in Toronto, from Broadview through Greektown and beyond.

Most lovers of sushi, sashimi, and Japanese food in general will tell you Casa Sushi is simply the best there is.

Our fish is always fresh. The food preparation and presentation by our sushi chefs follows the centuries old tradition of Japanese elegance and skill.

Despite our popularity we have never compromised on our standards of excellence when it comes to the food we deliver.

Our decor and service are the other reasons people love Casa Sushi. We designed the restaurant for an exceptional dining experience. A generous selection of booths and spaciously arranged table seating help create the right atmosphere, and you will find that our waiters and waitresses are prompt and friendly.

With some regularity you will see a customer come in off the street and march up the center aisle to our sushi counter at the back in order to pick up some take out sushi, but you won't mind because once you've eaten here, you'll know why we are generally a busy place.

Come to Casa Sushi and find out why we are the best sushi on the Danforth.